To raise capital, how do you attract and nurture people to know, like, and trust you? Why should they follow you, and eventually, give you their hard-earned money?

Today’s guest is Adam A. Adams, who is known as “Triple-A” in the real estate community. Adam educates investors through his real estate conferences, radio interviews, and Creative Real Estate Podcast. Adam’s one of Meetup’s top six organizers in the world and a master at getting people to move where he wants them.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● 4-Part Funnel: Top (know), Second (like), Middle (trust), and Bottom (you)
● 3-Legged Stool: Thought leadership platform, social media channel, live event
● Lead Magnet: Giveaway solves problems to convert potential or past investors
● Love on Everybody: Talk less, don’t push, and pay to raise more passive money
● Who is your avatar? Who do you want to attract? What do they want and like?
● Sample Deal Package: When raising money, protect capital
● Pros and Cons: Email, text, click funnels, and Website campaigns and providers
● Raising Money Summit: Everything you need to up your game at raising capital

Links and Resources Mentioned:

● Adam A. Adams on LinkedIn –
● Raising Money Summit –
● Creative Real Estate Podcast –
● Meetup –
● ActiveCampaign –
● Mailchimp –
● ClickFunnels –
● Squarespace –
● WordPress –
● Zapier –
● Wix –
● Dave Lindahl –
● Kathy Fettke –
● Kahuna Boardroom
● KahunaHQ –
● Kahuna Investments –
● Multifamily Legacy Podcast on YouTube –
● Multifamily Legacy Podcast on Facebook –

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