Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 247

Unlock a hidden revenue power-up as Tiffany Mittal joins the show with her one-stop portal for utility billing. Learn more about Utility Ranger and how it can help drive your net operating income and increase your property’s value. Don’t miss out on this one!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• How to transfer utilities to new tenants the right way
• Advantages of possessing strong utility management abilities
• Ways to create another revenue stream through utilities
• Tips on how to make the most of Utility Ranger
• Why you should take advantage of multifamily’s future

Resources/Links mentioned
• Grant Cardone –
• Start with Why by Simon Sinek | |

Get hold of Tiffany’s effective billing solutions and increase your Net Operating Income (NOI) using Utility Ranger’s utility billing services. Access the 2-month FREE trial by clicking on this link:

About Tiffany Mittal
Tiffany Mittal is the CEO of Utility Ranger. She’s a visionary executive leader known for her strategic insight, boasting a rich reservoir of experience in managing multifamily real estate, utility operations, and payment technology. A genuine passion for energy conservation and advancements in financial technology underscores her leadership approach.

Tiffany’s central focus lies in propelling revenue growth, expanding profit margins, and optimizing operational efficacy to ensure sustained and enduring progress. Her track record showcases her proficiency in steering multiple companies toward exponential expansion within the confines of San Diego and across the entire nation. Notably, Tiffany holds the esteemed position of Chair at the Independent Rates Oversight Committee. She actively works to enhance accessibility to the city’s fair and just utility rates.

Connect with Tiffany
• Website:
• LinkedIn:
• YouTube: @utilityranger
• Facebook:

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