Multifamily Legacy Podcast Ep 183
Today, Robert Syfert is going to talk about the most critical element of success in real estate: mindset and focus. Pay attention to this episode because it’s filled with words of wisdom on how to unlock your greatest ability to propel your business to the next level.

Topics on Today’s Episode
• The first action step to becoming successful
• Taking a break and reflecting on your journey
• Why you need to follow up on your leads
• Things you should and shouldn’t focus on
• Is money the ultimate goal of the journey?

Resources/Links mentioned
• Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar
• Who Not How by Dan Sullivan
• The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

About Robert Syfert
Robert is a Business Expansion Specialist with efficient business-building solutions for high-level entrepreneurs and investors (primarily in the real estate sector) who want to live a healthier and wealthier lifestyle. With well over a decade of experience in the industry, Robert has sold and managed hundreds of investment properties and is passionate about providing solutions through software, tools, and services that maximize both your time and profits when it comes to investing in real estate. Robert is also a loving husband and father who believes that every person can achieve success and financial freedom with the right systems and processes at their disposal.

Connect with Robert
Instagram: @robertsyfert

‘’You’re one relationship away from everything you ever wanted in your life.’’ – Robert Syfert
‘’Your journey is the reward.’’ – Corey Peterson

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