Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 222

Gain a fast-growing profit source by learning how to add a unique real estate niche to your investment portfolio with Raymond Heimann. Dial in as we discuss strategies to capitalize on small multifamily properties so you can leverage their competitive edge against larger properties!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• “Mini multifamily” property investing: What it is and how it’s done
• The growth and affordability matrix to look for in a multifamily market
• Effective ways to acquire and market a “mini multifamily” property
• Practical advice to entice investors and fund a “mini multifamily” deal
• Tips and tricks to systematize your business and make it stand out in the industry

Resources/Links mentioned
• Washington by Ron Chernow | Kindle and Paperback |
• Grant by Ron Chernow | Kindle and Paperback |
• Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow | Kindle and Paperback |
• Caesar by Adrian Goldsworthy | Kindle and Paperback |

About Ray Heimann
Ray is a private equity professional with deep experience in acquisitions strategy, deal structuring, and portfolio management. He began his career in JP Morgan’s Corporate and Investment Banking team, focusing on US REITs.

He then moved to Booz & Company’s corporate and acquisitions strategy desk, where he advised on over $3.5B of corporate M&A. After that, he joined Sverica Capital, a lower middle market private equity firm focused on driving value through deal sourcing and acquisitions, where he closed on over $750M of acquisitions. With a B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from Columbia University and 10+ years in real estate, private equity, and investment banking, Ray is thrilled to be leveraging his background for Terra Capital’s investors.

Connect with Ray
• Website: Terra Capital –
• LinkedIn: Ray Heimann | Terra Capital |
• BiggerPockets: Terra Capital –
• Email:

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