Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 199
Mike Deaton and his partner were once caught up in the rat race, attempting to strike a work-life balance. Life presented them with an alternative path, and they chose Multifamily real estate as their guide. Tune in to find out about their incredible journey!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Entrepreneurship vs. Investing
• Process of passive investing system
• Raising money for land business
• How to get started in multifamily
• Cultivating relationships to get more exposure

Resources/Links mentioned
• Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
• Investors Tool Kit
• Tax-free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright
• Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless
• Raising Capital For Real Estate by Hunter Thompson
• Mindset by Carol Dweck
• Personal Development Tony Robbins
• Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
• A CEO Only Does Three Things by Trey Taylor Audiobook and Hardcover

About Mike Deaton
Mike Deaton and his wife, Ligia, escaped corporate life and entered the real estate market together in 2016. They went full-time in 2017, formally launched their real estate investing business, and have incorporated multiple asset classes to combine tremendous cash-flowing financial returns with incredible tax benefits. They are currently active land investors as well as partners in more than 1,176 units of multifamily assets across multiple markets in the US. As real estate entrepreneurs, they love enjoying ultimate lifestyle freedom while delivering on their mission in making significant impacts to both investors and the communities in which they partner with the ultimate goal of returning over one billion dollars in investment returns.

Connect with Mike Deaton
• Website:

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