Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 237

If you need financial relief to invest in properties despite the high costs, then delve deep into this episode with Erik Oliver as he uncovers the power of cost segregation and how this technique can help you save substantial tax dollars, accelerate depreciation deductions, and boost your investment potential. Hop in to keep more money in your pocket today!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Cost segregation: What it is, and how it works?
• A comprehensive guide to bonus depreciation for your properties
• Benefits of doing a cost segregation study on your assets
• How to avoid depreciation recapture
• The importance of hiring a tax accountant for your real estate business

Resources/Links mentioned
• Tax-Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright |
• Looking for a first-class cost segregation study? Submit the form by visiting and get a tax-saving analysis free of charge!

About Erik Oliver
Erik holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Accounting from Westminster College. Prior to joining Cost Segregation Authority, he was an Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar landscaping and design firm in Long Island, NY. Since heading west and joining Cost Segregation Authority, Erik has been speaking at local, regional, and national events. He brings with him a passion for identifying cost savings and educating commercial real estate owners on the benefits of cost segregation.

Connect with Erik
• Website:
• Phone Number: (602) 568 – 0032

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