Have you ever considered selling a cash flowing apartment to build legacy wealth in real estate? If you haven’t yet, take a moment to tune in to this episode so you would grasp tons of nuggets on the reasons behind selling a property that makes you money and quitting that current cash flow to double your profit!

Today, Corey shares his personal story on HOW he was able to generate HUGE INCOME from a property he acquired 3 years ago at Catalina Village, Yuma, Arizona which suffered deferred maintenance and bad management. Learn the strategies he discovered to get high deals from these kinds of units.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

●How and why did Corey acquire the property at Yuma, Arizona 3 years ago?
●Different scenarios to better understand the concept and situation
●What’s in store for you when you sell a cash flowing apartment?
●What strategies did he take to get the property refinanced with much favorable loan terms?
●Compressed Cap Rates
●Supplemental Loans vs. Refinancing
●Selling on one market and buying from another market
●What were Corey’s long term goals and business plans?

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