Nowadays, people are too busy to give full attention to watching videos or reading blog posts. That’s the reason why Podcast is considered as a unique alternative way in giving valuable information, one of the most convenient and easy way to build a personal connection to audiences. In just a few years, podcasts have grown in popularity. More businesses are starting to discover the contribution of podcasting to their marketing strategies, attracting new audiences and building trusts with their clients. Tune in to this episode and know more about how to start your own podcast and how it helps your business grow.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
●How podcasting works and why it is a great platform
●Benefits of launching a podcast and how valuable it is
●Having a process and how to start a Podcast right
●Advantages of podcast against other platform
●Considering 5 different metrics to grow your podcasts
●Why One on One Marketing is the best way of marketing
●How to build a personal connection with your audience using your Podcast show
●How to keep your audience download and review your Podcast episodes

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