Most people get into the multifamily business for time and money. What’s truly important? It’s not about the money. What’s your reason, ‘Why?’

Today’s topic focuses on family. Choose to live the life that you should and by building a business that allows your family to have your time.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Too Many Distractions: Steal your time and your time with your family
● Do the right things: Principles to live by include family identity and traditions
● Roses and Thorns: What’s the best/worst thing that happened to you today?
● Rules and Boundaries: Mean what you say; no has to be no
● Disciplinarian or Nurturer: Roles matter and make a difference
● Pursue Passion: Teach/show family highs and lows of entrepreneurship success
● Broken Promises: Don’t forget to make your family and personal time a priority
● Can we …? Teach your children the meaning and value of money

Links and Resources Mentioned:

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● Joyce Meyer –
● Kahuna Boardroom –
● KahunaHQ –
● Kahuna Investments –
● Multifamily Legacy Podcast on YouTube -
● Multifamily Legacy Podcast on Facebook –

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