Today, I’m talking to Jens Nielsen, who didn’t start in real estate until he was a middle-aged man. It’s never too late, simply ask for help and guidance. What’s the worst that could happen?
Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Financial Freedom: Buy four-plex properties with capital to create cash flow
● Carry the Note: No payments for 10 months and 10% down for 11-unit property
● Education, Events, Expand Network: You don’t know what you don’t know
● Masterminds, Mentorship, and Coaching: Build confidence and invest in yourself
● Brokers, Investors, Friends, and Family: Bring something, someone into the deal
● Syndications: Next phase of real estate journey by adding value to the team
● How to talk to investors—understand and answer questions
● Future Freedom: Looking forward to four more years and leaving a full-time job
● Overnight Success? 10 years in the making; take action, start small, and grow

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Copy Your Way To Success-


“In the multifamily space, a lot of people want to help. They want to share. There isn’t the mindset of abundance.” Jens Nielsen

“Tenants are actually paying my mortgage and getting some cash flow every month.” Jens Nielsen

“Hang out where money’s at.” Corey Peterson

“The easiest way to learn this business is to add value to others and jump on.” Corey Peterson

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