There’s a lot of important reasons why you should implement a business system. Mapping out effective business systems and processes can create better problem solving strategies and decision making in an organization.

Listen in and discover how Randy Lawrence created the perfect business system and process that provides a strong framework for his company’s growth and success.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
●Strategic and System Oriented: Everything should be systematic approach
●Four Legged Stool System
1. Private Equity
2. Well Integrated acquisition team
3. Operation focus
4. Disposition
●Set Your Mindset: Create the process in a mindset of documenting your task for someone to replace you.
●Why is Process Mapping important?
●EOS Process: Mapping and charting what your business looks like and then documentation of business systems and processes.
●The Rule of Clarify and Verify
●How do you go about finding the right person to add to your team?
●How hiring the right and quality people help you save money.

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