Most new investors in real estate start with the traditional method-but is this the only way to create real wealth?

Investing in mortgage notes is an alternative class with many benefits plus opportunities! In this episode, Jim Maffuccio, dives into what it means to invest in mortgage notes.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
●What is debt?
●Toxic Assets: Buying Distressed Debt
●How Aspen Funds started?
●Create win-win situation: Keep the homeowners in their home with an adjusted payment structure often time reducing the principal
●How to transform a non-performing asset to a performing asset
●Rehabbing the paper instead of the property: Create reperforming loans and sell them at a discount
●Rules In Raising Money: What 506B and 506C
●What are serial funds?
●Stages of a serial fund
○Raise period
○Deployment period
○Harvesting period
●Benefits of a 506C
●Cash on Cash Return: Cash Flow on your investments
●Different ways to unlock more capital using 506C
●Get off of the roller coaster: Investors need us more than you need them.
●Due Diligence: Check your operators, track records and history and make sure they know what they are doing
●The importance of Mentorship

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