If you don’t know what’s the best cash flow opportunity is right for you, listen in and learn how to help your money work for you. In this episode, the Anti-Financial advisor, Chris Miles shares how to maximize your wealth by giving you a game plan and a proven strategy that wealthy and successful entrepreneurs use.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
●Think from an investors perspective: Go with the evidence!
●Competing with your dollar: Accelerating money with Real Estate
●What is a tax free super charge saving account?
●Max ROI Infinite Bank: Make money in two places at the same time
●What is a Whole Life Insurance Policy?
●Whole Life vs Term Insurance
●Wealth Strategy: Get the cash value up quick and take the money, borrow it to put into an investment
●What happens to your investments when you die?
●Net gaining your policy: Money growing and its tax free
●Mutual Fund: High risk, mediocre returns and high expenses
●Can you overfund your insurance policy?

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