Have you always been interested in real estate, but not sure where to start or how to effectively get into the market?

Today’s guest is Chad Wittfeldt from BlueSpruce Holdings. When only 17 years old, Chad started investing in the equities market. A few years later, he moved to currency markets. Chad joined BlueSpruce to apply his online media skills while learning about real estate. It’s his favorite asset class because of the controllability of inputs and outputs, risk aversion, and tax incentives.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

●Freedom for Fun: Passionate about multifamily, motorcycles, mountain biking
●Operations and Systems: Copy for success and use automation to buy back time
●Quality over Quantity: Build relationships with brokers to find the best deals
●Authenticity: Key to automation in general and mass marketing
●Automation: What not to do—send messages that seem cheesy and salesy
●Keep it Simple, Stupid: Lead with a compliment (i.e., Corey’s crushing it!)
●Lead Magnet Funnel: Bring the new person into your world and send them steps
●Qualification Forms: What do you do for fun? Sales copy to investing experience
●Words of Wisdom: Start now, but don’t quit your day job
●Visionary Integrator: Show up and follow up from real-world experience

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