Today’s guest is Rondi Lambeth, founder of Fortress, a financial services company. Rondi has helped more than 250,000 people increase their credit, reduce their debt, and create wealth. He is a FICO-certified credit professional and federally-approved/ court-appointed witness on credit.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Credit Cards: Cheaper, more secure, and more protection from being stolen
● Debit Card: Don’t lose it; leads to lost funds and possibly bankruptcy
● Debit vs. Credit: Consumer must prove fraudulent charges to bank vs. merchant must prove legitimate charges
● 50-Million Debit Cards: Hacked, held for ransom, and released on the Dark Web
● Badass Vacations: Get all the perks from rewards, zero tax
● Teach Your Children: 99% of people know nothing about money, credit, taxes
● CPA and Taxes: CPA‘s job is to file taxes, not help you to save money
● Most rich people want to help others, so they become a coach, mentor, trainer
● Multiple Credit Cards: All for different reasons that do different things
● Installment Loans: Never pay them off early, just pay them down quickly

Links and Resources Mentioned:

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