It may feel like the world is falling apart with all the pain, fear, and doubt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t give up hope, ambition, and drive. Now, more than ever, mindset matters.

Today’s guest is Paul Lizell, a real estate investor who has bought and sold more than 1,000 properties nationwide. He enjoys helping home buyers and sellers, as well as improving communities.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Believe to Achieve: Paul’s success due to coaching, education, and systems
● Wealth Models: Diversify real estate portfolio for multiple streams of income
● Passive Income: Safe, consistent, profitable source with tax benefits
● Deal Difference: Do fewer deals for bigger profits to put into rentals
● Numbers Game: Find real estate deals via online sites and offline marketing
● Millennials: Great renters with good jobs, but they want flexibility and mobility
● Coaching and Competition: Focus, lead the way, always go over fundamentals
● COVID-19 Catalyst: Anticipate and pivot to potential opportunities
● Cash Flow: Investors have cash and looking to spend on other projects
● Short- vs. Long-term Loans: Get private lenders lined up for financing
● REO Auction Academy: Learn how to buy properties via online auctions

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