Everything’s fine, everything’s right—until something goes wrong. Are your assets well protected? Is everything set up and structured properly? The first line of defense is always insurance.

Today, I’m talking to Mauricio Rauld, a top real estate syndication attorney. Two common themes due to the COVID-19 crisis are people wanting to put together opportunity funds to acquire new assets and then protect them.
Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Asset Protection: Protecting you from your assets, and your assets from you
● Real Estate Assets: Property owner is legally responsible for protecting others
● Limited Liability Company (LLC): Property owner is no longer you, but an entity
● Does it matter where LLC is registered? Local law applies, not LLC’s location
● How do you protect your assets from you? Charging Order Protection
● Digital Privacy: Don’t put a target on your back when it comes to assets
● Separation is Key: S Corp, LLC, and SEC issues with fees
● Lenders and Loans: No secure lending in foreseeable future; negotiate

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