Still locked in your house because of the COVID-19 crisis and watching real estate unfold? Were you among those who predicted this downturn?

Today, I’m talking to Kathy Fettke, co-CEO of Real Wealth Network and best-selling author of Retire Rich with Rentals. Also, Kathy hosts two podcasts, The Real Wealth Show and Real Estate News Podcast.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Black Swan Event: Experience necessity during a downturn for real estate deals
● Greatest Weakness: Not having someone on team as a naysayer
● Bridge Loans: Short-term loans harder to get, make sure to have a back-up plan
● Big Bad Landlord: Communication is vital to tenants and lenders
● Temporary Fix: Dilute the dollar by lifting asset values
● Fundamental Problem: Too much bad debt; find stable areas that can recover
● L, U, V Recession: Listen, learn, and prepare for all economic recovery scenarios


“If you’re going to keep assuming that things are going to be great forever, you’re wrong. It never is.” Kathy Fettke

“People want to see what they want to see. They want to believe what they want to believe.” Kathy Fettke

“Bridge loans, I had those in 2008. You know, that didn’t end well for me. Even if my deal was fabulous, in 2008 there was no liquidity. It just disappeared.” Kathy Fettke

“The better you are, the more you get to pay Uncle Sam.” Kathy Fettke

“Time means everything, sometimes.” Corey Peterson

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