Have you ever considered stepping away from your corporate cubicle and trying something different? Tired of working on the same product or different variations of it every year? Being an engineer can be boring. After all, it’s not rocket science.

Today’s guest is James Kandasamy, who worked as an engineer and spent 22 years in the corporate business world. He took a giant leap to try something different. James settled on real estate and started investing in single-family homes. He moved onto bigger and better deals in the multifamily space. Not only does James raise money, but asset-manages his properties.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● How much money needs to be raised per deal? $3-$4 million on average
● What and Who You Know: How to get your foot in the door to raise money
● Be Like Corey: True investors already know real estate and syndicators
● Positive Track Record: Underwriting deals, defining and executing business plans, and communicating directly raises money and returning customers
● Word-of-Mouth: People like to give money to those they’re referred to
● Build Relationships: Tell people what you do; if they want to invest, you have an established relationship already
● Unconventional Methods: Find deals with awesome prices by doing your own marketing and prospecting to direct sellers
● Investment Portal Software: Not the Holy Grail for raising money
● Value Add: Keep on adding free value through podcasts, content, and more
● Corey and James: People you know, like, and trust; raising money is personal
● Capital Raises to Raise Money: New people know capital raises, capital knows GPs/sponsors
● Property Management: the Hardest part of multifamily properties
● Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Social media exaggerates psychological optimism
● Four Market Cycles: Recovery, Expansion, Hyper-supply, and Recession
● Passive Investors: Learn how to select deals, sponsors, and markets; diversify, and what kind of cash to use
● Best Tips: Be patient, only do good deals, and interact diligently with investors

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