Today, I’m talking to Sterling White, a rental property investor who now owns more than $26 million in assets, 600 units, and consistently contributes content focused on the multifamily industry.

Despite humble beginnings, being raised by a single mother, growing up in Section 8 housing, receiving government assistance through food stamps, and avoiding illegal activity, selling Kool-Aid and Pokémon cards sparked a child’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Mentee to Mentor: Learn, teach, and repeat
● Build Confidence: Focus on what you want to achieve, and find someone who needs your help
● Mindset Shift: Play to win and solve problems by beating brokers to the punch
● Why be average? Be extraordinary by doing more of what you want to do in life
● “It” Factor: Never, ever quit or give up
● Finding Fulfilment: Journey to get a deal involves a lot of work
● Finding Deals: Search database, set criteria, conduct cold calls, qualify clients
● Rubik’s Cube or Shoe in the Door: Copy your way to success with creative, value-based ideas
● Minimalist: Money isn’t everything; it doesn’t take much to be financially free
● Prove people wrong and value your time, even if you have to buy it

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