How many times have you thought it’s gonna be a closed deal but actually not? How do you usually handle it? Do you get affected and does it lessen your self esteem and confidence?

We usually experience all these mixed emotions and it’s definitely NORMAL. Human as we are, getting discouraged is totally understandable. However, learning to embrace the “NO” would bring you a long way as it unlocks opportunities to start building relationships because most of the time, investors need to earn your trust with their hard earned money.

Jump right into this episode as we are going to debunk more info on what happens, what to do and why investors usually say NO to your deal!

Topics on Today’s Episode:
●Some possible reasons why investors say no to your deal
●How do you deal with rejections?
●How to get investors to get to KNOW more?
●Dealing with FOMO (Fear Of being Missed Out)
●How often should you follow up for people who already said No to you? ●What are some follow up campaigns?
●What does it mean when the “Market drops”?
●What are the roles of syndicators?
●Providing solutions to investors (especially the retirees) in stretching their investments and making it grow.

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