Shawn Johnson’s 40 unit deal didn’t go as planned. Check out this episode and learn why you need to do your physical and financial due diligence and get some golden nuggets that will save you a lot of headaches and money.

Topics on Today’s Episode

How to handle troubling sellers?
What you need to check on your due diligence
Tips to negotiate with a re-trade
Why you should always request a T12
How the due diligence process works
What you can gain from making mistakes
Resources/Links/Books mentioned

The road less stupid by Keith J. Cunningham
Business made simple by Donald Miller
About Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is the CEO at Home Vault, a property management company, as well as a single-family and multifamily real estate investor.

Connect with Shawn

‘’Be clear on your expectations or they’ll walk over you.’’ –Shawn Johnson
‘’Painful experiences are a sign of growth.’’ –Corey Peterson

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