We have Darin Batchelder today who talks about his first steps in real estate and how he overcame the fear. Tune in to learn how important it is to partner up with experienced people and get tips on how to get into the business.

Topics on Today’s Episode

• Darin’s journey from being in a corporate world to multifamily real estate
• Broker connection
• The fundamentals of real estate
• Building relationships with partners
• The stock market
• How to get into the real estate business

Book Mentioned
• Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss

About Darin Batchelder
Darin has been in the whole loan trading business for the past 16 years and is responsible for trading over $4 billion in loan sales. He’s the business owner of TZK Capital since 2007. His company focuses on trading high credit quality performing real estate loan portfolios between banks including residential, multifamily, and commercial estate loans.

Connect with Darin
Instagram: @batchelderdarin
Facebook: Darin Batchelder
YouTube: Darin Batchelder Multifamily Real Estate Investing

”If you have that in your gut, you have to get past that fear and take that step.” -Darin Batchelder
‘’Don’t fall in love with the property, just fall in love with the numbers.’’ -Corey Peterson
‘’When it’s scary, that’s when it’s good’’ – Corey Peterson

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