If you’ve been wondering how you can score an A Class apartment building, this episode is definitely made for you.

Alix Kogan is the CEO of Ashland Capital and has been involved in real estate, construction and development for the last 20 years. He started his career in Colorado founding his own high-end construction company and grew it to be the largest and most successful firm in Southwest Colorado. After 20 years in Colorado, he had a successful sale and liquidity event in late 2019.

Shortly after starting his own building company in 1999, Alix started investing in real estate with single family spec homes, single family rentals, commercial and multifamily rentals. Over the last 15 years, Alix has successfully completed several townhome, mixed-use and single-family developments. Alix owns over 1700 apartment units as an LP, Co-GP and KP, and self manages his portfolio of single-family rentals as well as a small portfolio of commercial properties.

In addition, Alix has a broad based experience and knowledge of multiple real estate asset classes and is focused full-time on growing his private equity real estate firm.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

How Alix started in the real estate business and how you can start your own too
The biggest mistake committed when starting out in the business
Growing and scaling the business
How Alix found the partner who introduced him into A Class apartments
Why Alix was not initially thrilled by A Class apartments and what changed his mind
Several things learned in investing in A Class apartments
Alix’s exit strategy
Why sell a cash-flowing asset?
The bad and the ugly: Alix’s real estate covid story
Why it’s best to call rather than send emails when communicating to investors
Motivations and driving force
Tips for newbies in the industry

Links and Resources Mentioned

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Books mentioned:
“It’s hard to underwrite a world pandemic” – Corey Peterson
“If we can get through 2008-09 (global recession), we can get through the pandemic, we can get through anything” – Alix Kogan
“We are built tough” – Corey Peterson
“Always be a student” – Corey Peterson
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