Joining us in our episode is the amazing Paul Moore. Paul’s got a really interesting story. He did a little stint at Ford Motor Company and co-founded a staffing firm where he was a finalist for the Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year two years straight. After selling the staffing firm to a publicly-traded company, he began investing in real estate.

He is currently a co-host of two highly recommended podcasts, namely, How to Lose Money and The Art of Investing, and a contributor to Fox Business and BiggerPockets. Paul is also the Managing Director of three commercial real estate funds at Wellings Capital.

Stay glued to this show as Paul Moore shares his money-game story and he will give us clues on where to find the money and give us more ideas about Mobile Home Parks.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

●Mobile home parks: Is it the way to “Nirvana”
●How to get in and improve mobile home parks
●How Paul sees the future with regards to multifamily and mobile home parks
●The demographics in the mobile home parks
●How to add value to mobile home parks

Links and Resources Mentioned

●How To Lose Money – Failure for the most part is predictable, and anything that is predictable is generally avoidable.
●Kahuna Boardroom
●Join Kahuna HQ
●Multifamily Legacy Podcast on YouTube
●Multifamily Legacy Podcast on Facebook

●Join us for our Virtual Apartments to Millions Summit. Text “A2M” to 480-500-1127

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