Do you believe that a normal person like you, who works a full time job at another company, can still greatly achieve your financial freedom? If so, HOW?

Today’s episode is extraordinary! Prashant Kumar is here with us to share his journey to legacy wealth while working full time in an IT company. Prashant Kumar is an Enthusiastic, Passionate and Goal-oriented Multifamily Operator. He’s the Founder and Managing Partner of He’s been in the real estate industry for 5 years now and currently owns over 1,200 units. He applies his 25+ years of experience in corporate America to analyzing Income & Expenses, calculating Net Operating Income (NOI) and calculating Purchase Price based on NOI and Market Cap Rate.

Tune in to this show and learn how to unlock the secrets to this journey. It takes a lot of courage and commitment to shift your mindset and take a step forward towards your financial goals. It may sound quite difficult to get there, but definitely possible!

Topics on Today’s Episode:

●How did you get into real estate and how you got to where you are at now?
●How did you unlock and get through getting so much wealth in just a short time?
●How did you transition from single family to multifamily?
●What are the 2 fundamental things in this business?
●Understanding the financial game and the niche of investing passively in apartments?
●Understanding the importance of your avatar
●Where do you say the majority of your money comes from?
●What is it about that asset group that you like the most?
●When you get to make investor’s money, how does it feel?
●How much money do you think is out there looking for people like us?
●What does it mean by “Assisted Living”?
●What books have impacted your life that you would like to share?
●What is the biggest thing you have done in raising capital?
●What piece of advice and inspiration do you want to leave the audience with?

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