A scalable business emphasizes exponential growth. In this episode, learn more on how to put this thing in a trajectory that you can not stop. In other words, once you get going, it does not only becomes good, but also becomes ludicrous! If you want to gain enough valuable nuggets that would help you in your financial journey to scale to the top and achieve success, then this episode is right for you!

Topics on Today’s Episode:

●How important is exponential growth in a business?
●Why do we need to scale the growth of a business?
●What are the building blocks in scaling for growth?
●Understanding your plans, systems and actions
●Avoiding “analysis paralysis”
●Dealing with taxes the right way
●Commercial Real Estate vs. Residential Apartments
●What is “cost segregation study”?
●What is “bonus depreciation”?
●Power of leverage
●Effects of doing the things you are not equipped for
●How important is it to hire people in your company?
●What type of people do you have to have in your “power team”?
●What can an Asset Manager do?
●How important is a VA (Virtual Assistant)?
●Finding the right partner for your RE business
●What is an IMS (Integrated Management System) and how does it works?

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