While real estate investing is one of the best ways to make money, not all income brings the same rate of return for investors. Remember that where you invest makes a lot of difference. Tune in to this episode to identify some factors you need to consider when choosing your market to gain the most profitable investment property.
Topics on Today’s Episode:
● Why is it important not to take real estate advice from stock brokers?
● Being careful when you listen to those who claim they are “reliable sources”
● Understanding cash flow and force appreciation
● Importance of selecting and buying the right property location
● How important is job growth in the area?
● Identifying your cashflow
● Considering affordable housing
● Checking on the crime rate in the area
● Do you also have to consider the right property management?
● Finding good value deals in every market
● Where are you at in the real estate cycle?
● Understanding and looking at your worst-case scenario

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