Understanding your cash flow allows you to view a better path of your financial goals. In real estate, a positive flow will definitely give a good rate in return. However, cash flow is NOT the only key to gain better ROI. Listen to this episode as Corey Peterson explains what an investor like you needs to know on selecting your next cash flow journey.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

●Is real estate the right vehicle?
●What is cash flow?
●What does it mean to invest?
●What is dumb money?
●Understand Single family homes vs. Multifamily
●Understanding stocks, bonds and mutual funds investment vs. Real estate investment
●Does stock, bond and mutual funds pay high dividend and have potential ●growth than real estate?
●Can someone else pay off the leverage off for you?
●What’s the solid rate of return that you could expect with blended portfolio?
●What are the 4 Returns on real estate and what that means?
●How do you force appreciation?

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