What are you thankful for? I’m thankful for many things, especially knowing how to fail. Failing is never fun, but failing is part of learning and shapes you. Nobody’s perfect. You’re human. What do you learn more from, your success or failures?

Out of all the things someone could do in life, I’m convinced that multifamily deals are the true way to success. It’s what I know and understand. I wouldn’t trade my journey for the world!

Topics on Today’s Episode:

Supportive Structure: If someone believes in you, their support keeps you going

Learn to say, “No,” especially as you make more money, and people want it

Dream Big: Who and what do you want to be? Everything is attainable

2020 Goal: Own your calendar and make time for what matters most to you
“No” Factor: I don’t want to do it, I don’t have to do it, I’m not going to do it…

Grateful for Growth: Cash flow changes your life and lets you share your success

Kahuna Mastermind: Guide people when they need help by being a true mentor. Why? Money is fleeting, but helping others to succeed lasts forever

Kahuna Mastermind Group 2: Email Shelley to join!

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