When it comes to multifamily real estate and cash flow, Brayand Ponciano is all in – now. But he knows he made a mistake when he didn’t listen to me five years ago about raising money, instead of fixing and flipping. Brayand learned his lesson and shares what he knows about everything related to real estate on the Flippin Fridays/AZ Flip Guys show with co-host Kris Ontiveros.

Plus, there’s still time to help some kids, including my son, experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please consider donating to the fundraiser, where funds will be used to send a youth football team, along with their coaches and chaperones, to Florida to play in the Tackle Football National Championship.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
● Don’t judge a book by its cover because Brayand judged me based on my looks, not my knowledge; be authentic – make no apologies for who you are
● Brayand believes the value of the Kahuna Boardroom comes from the lessons I teach and the experienced people I include ● Pitching is Work: There’s a way to do it, and there’s a way not to do it
● Boardroom inspectors and property managers gave Brayand tips on how to renegotiate deals to save money
● Build relationships with vendors and contractors to get better deals
● Pros and cons of Section 8 (low-income) and C-class housing
● Brayand doesn’t buy distressed properties, he buys properties from distressed owners who don’t know how to manage them
● Automation is vital for property management; Brayand uses AppFolio and ACH
● Be strict/firm because if you give someone an inch, they’re going to take a mile
● 2-Step Tenant Program: Don’t f**k with my money; don’t f**k with my property
● Management Tip 1: Treat people the way you would want to be treated
● Management Tip 2: Don’t rely on people to know what you’re thinking or how you want things done; document processes and procedures

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