Let’s talk about the other side of pain. How are you using this time and space during the COVID-19 craziness? There’s still a lot of hope and opportunities—some more deals down the road.

Today, I’m talking to Ramon Gonzalez of Summit Home Buyers and Both On Board Podcast about how we can make a difference by serving others. If your only calling is to make money for yourself—money is fleeting. There’s more value in people, relationships, and impact.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Conscious Choices: Get closer to goal, or move away from it out of fear or love
● COVID Conversations: What will the next few years look like? What do you want? How much is enough?
● Alignment: No excuses, do what you want to do personally and professionally
● No Control: Slow down, live in present and get more done by doing less
● Work/Life Balance: Create compassionate communities and closer to family
● New normal? BC and AC—before Corona, after Corona—different but better
● Passive Income: Why get into it? Your life won’t change
● Relationships & Recommendations: What you know, who you know to add value

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