The crazy chaos of COVID-19 continues. Despite gloom and doom during fearful and uncertain times, opportunities arise to make millionaires.

Today, I’m talking to Dan Handford from Passive Investing. He describes what to expect the future to look like in the multifamily space.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● COVID-19: Impacts assets and effects unemployment claims, loan rates
● Ups and Downs: Divorces, marriages, and births vs. multifamily demand
● Options: Weather the stock market storm and find temporary alternatives
● Loans and Lenders: Banks still healthy, capital available, and flexible extensions
● Constant Communication: Inform and reassure investors and lenders
● Next Generation: Multifamily means involving the entire family
● Presentation for Prospective Investors: Brochures, newsletters, and brand guide
● Sentiment Mindshift: Donate distributions to those tenants who need help
● Property Prep: Reduce non-essential spending, requests, renewals, renovations
● Shelter-in-Place: Everybody’s suffering, educate investors and raise capital
● ABCs: Higher the return, higher the risk; lower the return, lower the risk

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