When you wake up in the morning, how are you going to make multifamily apartment investing work? How are you going to make money? How are you going to make that money repeatedly?

Today, I’m talking about why multifamily apartment investing is not only the best, but the only game to play to win. My passion for passive income came from apartment life. The problem with most people is that they’re just in the wrong spot.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Stock Market Correction: Stay the course or go fishing for money
● Early Bird Special: $2,500 discount for Kahuna Boardroom, now costs $5,000
● Five Years: Average time to hold multifamily property before selling it
● What are you doing now? Fix and flips, or wholesaling? Switch to cash flow
● What’s your net worth right now? Probably not what you want it to be
● Other People’s Money (OPM): If you’ve got OPM, easily transition your capital
● Golden Handcuffs: Like your job, make a good income, but it’s never enough
● Cost Segregation: Make more when you play the game that wealthy people play

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