Hungry and eager to get your first deal after attending my Kahuna Boardroom? Believe in yourself. You know you’re going to make it work because you have to make it work.

Today, I’m talking to David Rosenbaum, one of two Kahuna Boardroom students who did their first deal together and shares how it all went by breaking it down.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Boardrooms: Guarded because you never know what you’re going to get
● Be Conservative: Find needles in the haystack, and underwrite fat deals, if they get skinny
● Feeling rejected when trying to find deals? Remain patient
● Formulate Team: Find those with the network, capital, skill sets, and industry knowledge
● Direct-to-Seller Deal: Site visit, LOI, due diligence, and different team members
● Wine and Dine: Boardroom break, mingle/network, and be accountable
● Stay Organized: So many documents, so file space is needed to stay sane
● Partnerships and Splits: When you start, how you finish, and in between
● Day of Closing: Just get one deal done, you’ll never forget it

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