Today’s guest is Gary Lipsky, CEO and founder of Break of Day Capital. Knowing how to manage people, having a steady hand, and being a solutions-oriented person led him to the multifamily space.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

● Perfect Storm: Applying years of experience, skills, and lessons learned led Gary to multifamily space
● Pull the Trigger: Education and partnerships provide time and money to invest personally and professionally, in owning multifamily properties
● Meetup Host: What happens? What do you learn from others? And why do others seek Gary’s advice?
● Build in Buffers: Rates and terms can change, nothing’s perfect and things can always go wrong
● Don’t Chase Deals: Stay patient, steady, and true to your numbers to get deals
● CapEx Negotiation Needed: Who’s going to pay? Who’s fault is it?
● Realistic vs. Best Case Scenario: Over-perform rather than under-promise; give investors what they expect
● Raising Capital: Email list, meetups, Webinars, and meaningful relationships
● Multifamily Game: Too good to be true? Find, educate, understand, and invest to overcome fear
● Due Diligence: Take action, don’t work in silo, and partner with others; every deal looks sexy, get to know operator and go beyond memorandum before investing

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