Have you ever failed at anything? If you have, that failure may actually point you in the right direction and encourage you to take risks that payoff. After failing at college, Tom Cafarella thought about what he wanted to do – earn enough passive income to not have to work. He has built up a passive income portfolio to where he does not have to work much. However, it turns out that he loves to work and puts in 80-90 hours each week because he enjoys real estate so much.

Tom had strong mentors in his life to show him the way to make his dream of passive income come true. While growing up, the only person he knew who had a decent amount of money was his grandfather, who worked minimum wage jobs his whole life. But the one thing he did do was buy multifamily real estate in and around the Boston area. He was the only person Tom knew that really didn’t have to work that hard. Tom decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. He decided to go after it because he always wanted to be a passive income investor and buy multifamily properties

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