Do you know about cost segregation studies and how they apply to new tax laws? There are exciting changes regarding shorter-life assets that will have a big impact for investors. Immediate expensing will be a boon for real estate. It offsets income made and all other income, then it carries forward indefinitely. However, most business owners hate accounting. It gets in the way and is a distraction from what they should be doing. That’s why there is Duckett Ladd.

Today, my guest is Bill Ladd, a CPA and co-owner of the full-service Duckett Ladd firm that specializes in real estate. He spends a lot of time on Section 42 properties, which features a low-income credit that incentivizes developers to build in depressed communities. But a lot of regulations and rules go along with such development. Even so, Duckett Ladd decided to zero in on this market, own that space, and add value for people.

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