Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 249

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your professional connections? If so, join Anthony Simonie today as he shares proven strategies and tips for building your LinkedIn business network and generating the right leads. Don’t miss this chance to advance your career and business!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Why LinkedIn is beneficial for business owners
• How to leverage LinkedIn to create business networks
• The role of establishing relationships in private money investing
• Benefits of working with the right people and maximizing lead flow
• Success tips for new entrepreneurs

Resources/Links mentioned
• LinkedIn |
• Facebook |
• LinkedIn Sales Navigator |
• Corey Peterson |
• Zoom |
• The Man in the Arena by Theodore Roosevelt | |
• Daring Greatly by Brené Brown | |

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About Anthony Simonie
After building multiple seven-figure online and offline businesses from scratch, Anthony turned his attention to helping other small and medium-sized companies scale profits by leveraging his unique no-BS approach to marketing and sales.

For more than 16 years, his passion has helped businesses and professional service providers grow sales and profits by effectively leveraging unique marketing and sales strategies, both online and offline. Anthony has worked alongside some of the most brilliant business minds on the planet and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients.

He’s successfully built three brick-and-mortar service-based businesses and co-founded four successful online consulting and training companies serving more than 10,000 clients. He’s become a highly sought-after business strategist known for getting things done.

Anthony is married with two children through adoption and resides in Austin, TX.

Connect with Anthony
• Website:
• LinkedIn:

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