Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 248

Curious about mastering deals in today’s market? Get ready to dive in with Jorge Abreu as he unveils his strategies for using his construction and management company to steer his investment voyage. Hop on board and discover his tried-and-true methods!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Benefits of having a construction company
• The power of partnership and syndication
• Techniques for finding great deals
• What it means to invest in a sleeper market
• Practical advice for new operators

Resources/Links mentioned
• A CEO Only Does Three Things by Trey Taylor | |

About Jorge Abreu
Jorge Abreu has invested in real estate for 16+ years. He began with small multifamily properties, moving up to 100+ unit multifamily units. Jorge wholesaled 250+ single-family properties and flipped 200+. He completed new development projects worth over $40 million.

He founded a construction company with $30+ million in annual revenue. Now an active/passive full-time multifamily investor, Jorge’s Elevate acquired 7,737 units, exited 1,608, and held $550M+ assets.

Jorge is CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group and JNT Construction. JNT Construction aids multifamily investors with due diligence and renovations. He launched Elevate Real Estate Management, creating vertical integration. His Multifamily Coaching program assists others.

Based in Dallas, he owns properties across multiple states. He is skilled in deals, due diligence, CapEx, development, and equity. He is aiming for 10,000 doors by 2023 via partnerships and scalable systems. He focuses on Elevate team growth in 2023 for effective expansion management.

Connect with Jorge
• Website:

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