Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 196
When you’ve tried a few different methods to track your finances but haven’t discovered the one that works best for you? Listen here as Corey describes the challenges that the Radford deal faced, as well as the best way to keep track of your money, investors, and future clients.

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Biggest hurdle on the Radford deal
• Apps and tools utilized when tracking deals
• Important tips on how to communicate with investors
• Unique features of ActiveCampaign
• A creative way to inform investors about the whereabouts of their funds.

Resource/Link mentioned
• Kahuna Boardroom
• 195: How Deals Work: Greenhill Apartments at Radford (Part 1 of 3)
• ActiveCampaign
• Keap
• Investor Management Solutions
• Pipedrive CRM
• Zoom

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