Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 229

Locate unbelievable opportunities in an up-and-coming real estate niche with Andrea Foley as she walks us through real estate hotel conversions and their processes. Tap into the potential of this creative and novel approach to building attractive but affordable housing by watching the full episode!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Hotel conversion: What it means and the factors driving it
• How much does a hotel conversion cost, and what does it rent for?
• The importance of location in marketing your converted hotel
• Ways to fund and acquire your hotel conversion projects
• The power of networking in business and capital-raising

Resources/Links mentioned
• Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell |
• Best Ever Conference –

About Andrea Foley
Andrea started a business in 2007 with a $2,000 credit card limit. She grew it to half a million annual sales and sold it in 2022. She also worked as a “turn-around” business consultant helping small business owners improve their sales, operations, and finance. Aside from the projects listed here, Andrea and Axel had done single-family flips, renovated residential and commercial buildings, bought and sold a single-family rental portfolio and even “house hacked” before their oldest was born.

Connect with Andrea
• Website: Generational Wealth Capital –
• Podcast: Raise Millionaires™ –

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