Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 202
Success is rarely easy; it takes a lot of hard work and tried-and-true tactics. Dive in as Sterling Chapman outlines the strategy for attracting passive and active investors and concepts to cut good deals. Don’t miss this episode on identifying the ideal group of partners that brings massive success to your business

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Steps to raise capital for your business
• Why partnership is key to become a strong capital raiser
• Inspiring children to learn investing in real estate at an early age
• Best strategies to attract more capital investors
• How to gain control of your investment through brand and capital building

Resources/Links mentioned
• Rich Dad Poor Dad⏐Paperback, Audiobook
• Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book⏐ Paperback, Audiobook
• The Rent Roll Radio Show
• Am I being too subtle?⏐ Hardcover, Audiobook

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