Accountants are like the navigators of the business world, steering through turbulent financial waters. In this episode, Devonne West sheds light on accountants’ pivotal roles and how they turn challenges into opportunities, transform early mistakes into valuable lessons, and propel the business growth journey forward!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Essential functions of an accountant in business operations
• Common mistakes accountants make and how to solve them
• The importance of understanding your business’s capital expenditure
• Year-end challenges CPAs face and strategies to address them
• How accountants view financial hardships in business

Resources/Links mentioned
• The Predictive Index |
• YouTube |
• The 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson |
• A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman |

About Devonne West
Devonne is a certified accountant and a controller in Kahuna Investments. She is a motivated self-starter with a drive to perform tasks with excellence and accuracy on time. Devonne is detail-oriented and continually seeks ways to improve processes.

Connect with Devonne
• Website: Kahuna Investments |

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