In this episode, we invited Richard Canfield to share smart money moves to build and safeguard your wealth for today and generations ahead. Discover the importance of financial coaching and leveraging the Kolbe A™ Index for entrepreneurial success. Hit that play button to learn more!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Advantages of joining strategic coaching programs
• Why it’s essential to manage your energy at work and your finances
• Kolbe A™ Index: What it is and why should you get it done?
• The importance of family financial meetings
• An interlink between money, time, and experience

Resources/Links mentioned
• Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki |
• Strategic Coach |
• Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy |
• 10x is Easier than 2x by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy |
• Kolbe A™ Index |
• Nelson Nash |
• Nelson National Institute |
• The Brower Quadrant by Lee Brower |
• Cash Follows the Leader by Richard Canfield and Jayson Lowe |
• Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash |

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About Richard Canfield
In 2009, Richard’s life changed completely when he read the book Becoming Your Own Banker, Unlock The Infinite Banking Concept by R. Nelson Nash. He knew this was what he had been looking for all his life. Nelson Nash became his personal friend and mentor, and Richard and his team now teach his powerful message of financial hope and control to North Americans. As an Amazon Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner, Richard is passionate about putting people in the driver’s seat of their financial life and creating durable, dependable, generational wealth. They work with families, business owners, and Real Estate Investors to strategize how they can keep more of the hard-earned money that flows through their hands over a lifetime.

Connect with Richard
• Website: Wealth Without Bay Street |
• Podcast: |

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