Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 242

The scarcity of affordable housing, particularly affecting young professionals, is widely recognized. To shed light on a potential solution, we have Matt Ryan as a guest on the show to dive into the intricacies of co-living spaces. Discover how these spaces work and why they may be an excellent investing option for you to consider.

Topics on Today’s Episode
• How does the Re-viv co-living model work
• Important considerations for converting a property into a co-living space
• The rising trend of co-living spaces and the advantages it offers
• An effective method for learning and executing your business model
• Why you should hire the right people and how to do it

Resources/Links mentioned
• Craigslist:
• Coliving:
• Who Not How by Dan Sullivan | |
• The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks | |
• Kolbe A™ Index:
• Traction by Gino Wickman | |

About Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan started Re-viv in 2016, capitalizing on his passion for high-performance construction, community development, and sustainable buildings. The catalyst was a community member in the neighborhood where he bought his first investment property: Ms. Pam. Ms. Pam walked daily to the elementary school where she worked and took the bus to her night shift job to provide for her granddaughter. As Matt grew to understand how more investment and development could change the neighborhood and potentially push out the Ms.Pams of the world, he desired a better balance. In 2015, he moved to San Francisco to base his new endeavor on revitalizing communities through impactful investment real estate strategies. To him, affordable housing that is walkable, bikeable, and close to necessary retail and job centers shouldn’t be just for the affluent.

Connect with Matt
• Website:

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