I edited and cut alot in this documentary.
So now it’s an action packed 37 minutes special on the best team ever assembled.
The best collection of talent in teamsports history.
I can remember lots of people here in Europe watching their games dispite having zero appriciation for basketball.
I remember all the teenagers in Europe switching from soccer to basketball after the Olympics, now that is something to remember and something we call a legacy.

2012 USA basketball team was a good team, but you can never compare different era’s.
The dream team of 1992 opened doors that can’t be re-opened.
That being said, I loved and still love this game, but I have only watched one single game of the 2012 USA Basketball team and I’m sorry to say, I didn’t even pay attention throughout the whole game, because it just didn’t do anything for me.
The 2012 team should be remembered for what they did, period.
But unlike the 1992 team, the 2012 team can’t claim they made lots of kids in Europe switch to basketball, they can’t claim they made non-basketball lovers tune in to watch their games. I don’t know what the 2012 teams legacy will be, honestly, I have already forgotten about them, sorry to say that, but they will probably have some kind of legacy, I’m just saying that I’m not aware of it at all.

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