Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 227

We invited Anthony Faso, CPA, and Cameron Christiansen to the show to discuss a creative way you can build wealth outside of Wall Street. Join us as we elaborate on the Infinite Banking Concept, tax-reduction tips, and practical financial advice to keep your money moving. Be sure not to miss out!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Why typical financial planning broken
• An investor’s million-dollar mistake and ways to avoid it
• The Infinite Banking Concept: How and why it works and who its for
• Practical ways to legally minimize your tax liabilities
• Reasons you need to hire proactive accountants

Resources/Links mentioned
• Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki |
• The Win-Win Wealth Strategy by Tom Wheelwright |
• Good to Great by Jim Collins | |
• Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb | |
• Profit First for Real Estate Investing by David Richter
• The Richest Man In Babylon by George S Clason

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About Anthony Faso, CPA & Cameron Christiansen
Anthony Faso, CPA, and Cameron Christiansen are founders of Infinite Wealth Consultants and the hosts of the Infinite Wealth Podcast.

A proud U.S. Army veteran and self-described “recovering” CPA, Anthony has worked at the world’s largest accounting firm and served as CFO of a chain of restaurants. However, after the 2008 recession, he realized that the solution to financial freedom would never be found in the latest Wall Street-created financial product. As he discovered his path to financial independence, he was also teaching and coaching individuals and business owners about money and investing.

Having been a small business owner for eight years, Cameron needed help with investment solutions proposed by traditional financial advisors. This frustration is what led him to discover infinite banking and real estate investing. After advising others for over a decade, Cameron now brings his expertise in passive income generation and cash flow analysis to his partnership with Anthony as a follower of the principles of Robert Kiyosaki.

Anthony and Cameron help their clients to be financially independent not just in dollars but also in sense. They educate clients on making sound financial decisions and coach them to invest in assets with certainty, control, and collateral. Infinite Wealth clients are not subject to the roller coaster of the stock market.

Connect with Anthony and Cameron
• Website: Infinite Wealth Consultants –
• Podcast: Infinite Wealth Podcas |
• YouTube: @InfiniteWealthConsultants

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