Multifamily Legacy Podcast Episode 223

Leverage current rental real estate trends with seasoned investor Jason Baik as he shares his real estate journey, how he utilized his data-analysis skills, and some foolproof underwriting techniques. Tap into this conversation and discover data-gathering techniques for maximum real estate returns!

Topics on Today’s Episode
• Reasons why you shouldn’t trust third-party management companies
• Why you need to focus on improving your skills and self-marketing
• Powerful data-entry techniques to streamline your underwriting process
• Efficient steps to cushion your underwriting
• How to keep occupancy rate high during the worst leasing months

Resources/Links mentioned
• Michael Jordan –
• The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba | Kindle and Paperback |

About Jason Baik
Jason is the managing principal at Compounding Capital Group and founder of The Underwriting Lab, a platform that helps aspiring multifamily investors learn a data-driven approach to apartment investing.

An ex-VP of Data Science, Jason left his six-figure corporate career to become a full-time investor before he owned a single property. Two years later, he has built a portfolio of 350 apartment units and 7 single family homes.

Connect with Jason
• Website: Compounding Capital Group | The Underwriting Lab |
• LinkedIn: Jason Baik –
• Facebook: Jason Baik –

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